Top way Mortgage Advisers use Zoom Client Meetings

Top way Mortgage Advisers use Zoom Client Meetings

Zoom Video Conferenceing is an answer to a question no one asked. The vast majority of your clients dont want it. If you have it in your mortgage process be self-aware its because you want it.

It’s you that want’s Zoom. It is a hangover from the traditional face-to-face mortgage process. If that is what you are used to, then Zoom was the easy transition for you.

That does not mean its the best answer.

Clients dont want Zoom. Your clients are agreeable, will go to efforts to make you happy. That doesnt mean they woudnt prefer a simple phone call or email.

A Broadridge survey found that Zoom meetings were the least favored by respondents. Only 9% preferred that method above all others.

Nearly 75% people surveyed by a UK-based design agency said they faced ‘Zoom Anxiety’ this year. It is very personal for people and most dont want it.

The BBC goes as far as asying Zoom Calls drain your energy. 2

After Covid

As Martin Stewart of London Money said:

Yes, there might be a need for the occasional face to face but given everyone in our sector appears to have knocked it out of the park during lockdown it is hard to justify dragging people half-way around a transport network for a cup of tea and a natter.

You can go back to face-to-face after COVID. Martin thinks the industry has moved on and more productive as a result.

The Solution

It’s phone and email. Why complicate things?

Written on February 24, 2021